Fear-Free Veterinary Care in Greater Wichita, Kansas

Fear-Free Services

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Our services are delivered in a uniquely stress-free environment, which we strive to create with each and every interaction we have.

Some of the techniques involved with being fear-free include a less is more approach to the hands on part of our job. We like to insure every patient feels welcome and can relax as much as possible. By using less we can take away the feeling of being trapped, therefore creating a happier visit.

We like to make every appointment as positive as we can. We strive to find what each pet likes more, weather it be treats, peanut butter or belly rubs. This is a good way to positively reinforce what is happening to your pet.

We understand that coming to the vet can be very hard on your animal. With our fear-free techniques we have seen a difference in the behavior of our patients. We want everyone to feel happy and welcome when stepping into our care. If you have any questions regarding our practices, please contact either location.

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